J. T. Wampler
J. T. Wampler

J. T. Wampler

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Rubythroat Hummingbird female



Artist Statement:

I am fascinated by the wild plants and animals that share this planet with us. 

I use a camera to record what I see while exploring the world around me, hopefully from a perspective that is both diagnostic and interesting. 

I love it when someone looks at one of my photographs sees some aspect of nature they have never seen before, even if the subject of the photograph is quite common.


Artist Biography:

I graduated from Central Dauphin East HS in 1968 and Shippensburg State College in 1972 with a BA in Biological Sciences.

I also studied graduate Ornithology at the University of  VA. 

I worked for the PA Dept Agriculture as a Microbiologist from 1973 to 2008 at the Summerdale Laboratory and later the PA Veterinary Laboratory in Harrisburg, PA. 

I was  primarily involved with rabies diagnostics but I was also the lab photographer, and my experiences with post-mortem photography were invaluable in learning good macro technique. 

I  am now retired and living on a small farm in Perry County, PA with my original wife from 1972 and assorted dogs, cats, horses, and motorcycles.

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I started my photographic journey during the film era in the seventies using 35mm cameras and slide film. 

But times change, and I have made the transition from film to digital photography. 

I could be quite happy with a camera body and only two lenses – a 50mm macro and a fast 300mm telephoto.  With the perspective of these two lenses I feel equipped to record images of nearly all the wildlife I am likely to encounter. 

Now that I am retired, I spend much of my time just wandering about with a camera and a dog.  Some days I get a photograph or two, while other days I just end up with a tired dog. 

No matter, for me they’re all good days, and I’m confident the dog would agree.