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'Three and One'


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Don has been active in the arts for over 25 years.

As a photographer he strives to provide a variation in subject matter, which is pleasing to both the casual observer and those with a trained artistic eye.

Over recent years, he has focused much of his work as a street photographer but continues to expand his interests in many diverse areas. 


His work has been exhibited in many one person and joint shows throughout Pennsylvania including the State Museum’s “Art of the State”, the Susquehanna Art Museum, the WITF Media Center, the Pennsylvania Council of the Arts, the Harrisburg Area Community College in Gettysburg and the Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery.

As a former photography judge for the Patriot News sponsored Scholastic Art Awards and as a member of the former WITF Art Advisory Committee, he gained an appreciation across all forms of media which impacts his final imagery. 

He has also served as an officer for various art organizations including the Harrisburg Camera Club and the Art Center School and Galleries.