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Orthey Autoharps (Dulci-Harps TM)
Cherry Top

All Orthey Autoharps (Dulci-Harps™) are made of the finest woods and incorporate a laminated maple pin block. They can be customized with select wood, body type, chromatic or diatonic tuning, and chord bar selection and arrangement. Hand-crafted and individually fitted to each instrument, Orthey chord bars are the quietest, smoothest, and fastest to be found today.

Orthey Instruments are individually hand-crafted from carefully selected woods of the finest quality resulting in instruments with distinct individual personalities.

Extensive time and effort have been put into a detailed study of the history and traditions of these instruments. This study has also included examination of the technical aspects which led to the success of the old master luthiers. New innovation has been added to the integrated concepts of the past to produce unsurpassed quality in traditional workmanship and sound.

Carefully selected Appalachian mountain hardwoods are used for the construction of Orthey instruments. The sound boards are made from fancy grade quarter sawn instrument woods for maximum sound quality. To insure tight fitting tuning pins, laminated maple pin blocks are employed.

After air drying rough sawn lumber for at least five years, final preparation of instruments is initiated. All parts are roughed out and stored in a temperature/humidity controlled shop for at least six more months prior to final assembly and finishing.

All instruments are entirely hand-crafted by Dr. George F. Orthey, Jr. in Newport, Pennsylvania which has been his home of record since 1955. Dr. Orthey has been a local and state juried member of the Lancaster Chapter of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen since 1972.

Born in Passaic, New Jersey, Dr. Orthey holds a B.S. from Rutgers University, a M.S. from the University of Rochester, and a V.M.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. He started building instruments in 1964. This avocation became a fulltime enterprise for Dr. Orthey when, in 1982, Col. Orthey returned to civilian life after 28 years of service in the United States Army Veterinary Corps.

Dr. Orthey has crafted 1,600 Appalachian dulcimers, over 100 hammered dulcimers, 100 bowed psalteries, 50 plucked psalteries, 2 harpsichords, an assortment of banjos, guitars, mouth bows, and over 1300 autoharps since he became a luthier in 1964. He owes his early "training" in instrument-building to Howie Mitchell and the cooperation of the Smithsonian Institution..

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Orthey Autoharps (Dulci-Harps TM)
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