Betsy Oberheim
Betsy Oberheim

Betsy Oberheim
aka "Mrs. O"

- Jewelry

- Wire Wrapping



I became an art teacher in 1962 and although retired, have never stopped creating.  Now I am more of a gem artist. 

The natural results of earth's fantastic geology inspire me to prepare it and present it for your enjoyment. 

I began by collecting rocks out west in our many camping trips.  I learned to work with them and taught myself wire-wrapping.  Now many of the jewelry pieces I design are created from purchased gemstones. 

I research the meanings of the stones, and identify the stone and powers on the tags. 

I was President of our Central PA Rock and Gem Club 3 times, and President of the Eastern Federation of Mineral and Lapidary Societies. 

I hope you enjoy the beauty of rocks and gems as I do.


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