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Jean Macaluso
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Carribean Euphoria

When I photograph, I want to evoke a sense of place, illuminated by light that reveals the past history that I feel still inhabits the buildings, structures or places by conjuring up images of spirituality, mysticism and otherworldliness. 

I want to evoke an emotional response from the viewer rather than a depiction of fact and strive for these unseen histories to provide a new atmosphere of thoughts and experiences. 

Additionally, I want the viewer to look at my photographs as portraits of our ancestors.  As such they serve as reminders that we have all walked in someone else's footsteps; that it is impossible to cut oneself off from the past.

With this idea in mind, I try to visually capture in something ordinary-the wonder, the magic and the extraordinary.  I want the viewer to stop, to be intrigued, to look into the apparently familiar and discover seeing something for the first time as if it were a brand new experience.

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