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Steampunk Brooch - Mixed Media Jewelry Collage



Residing in the Northeastern area of the United States, Erin Keck is a well recognized Mixed Media Artist. 

Erin has created unique and intriguing art by repurposing found objects. 

Known in the art world for her Steampunk Clocks, Copper and Mica Journals, Erin also creates her own Steampunk Jewelry line of bracelets, earrings, and brooch pins
all of which consist of small watch parts and found objects. 

Her inspiration for Steampunk stems from her love of the inner workings of antique mechanical clocks.

Her journey of creating Steampunk Clocks entails combining rustic gears, cogs, and wheel movements along with unique found objects that give the illusion of motion with dimension.  Erin claims,

“There is no greater satisfaction than breathing new life into an object that has been cast away.”

Erin’s work has appeared in the book “1000 Steampunk Creations” by Dr.
Grymm, as well as Steampunk Magazines and other notable forms of media.

Her art is on display in several galleries in the state of Pennsylvania including PCCA.

She often hosts art receptions and private showings of her work. She enjoys interacting with guests who attend and listening to their stories of how a found object in her work may have rekindled a
memory from their past.

Erin has guest lectured at several events and is currently teaching her Steampunk style of art at Art & Soul Retreats throughout the United States.

Although the unique style of her work may appear as a natural talent that Erin possesses, she has spent a lot of time studying and researching the history of Steampunk in an effort to fine tune her
status as a Steampunk Mixed Media Artist.

Through hard work and attention to detail Erin has been recognized by the Yellow Breeches Guild of Craftsman for her work in both the categories of  Steampunk and Copper Journals.

Erin creates out of her in-home studio and enjoys spending time with her husband searching for the next discarded object that will find a new purpose in her work.



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Steampunk Pendulum Clock - Mixed Media Collage


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