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Susan Horning, 
Healing Herbs Personal Creations


*I am fascinated by botany and biology and I need to create.   My greatest inspirations are in nature and it is those aromas, constituents and colors that heal the mind, body and soul .  My formulas and potions fill a need in the growing trend towards natural products for people who know how they want to treat their skin and the environment.  Inspiration and energy is reflected back to me from positive feedback and stories of success in the bright eyes of my customers.


*I am an Herbalist by trade and I have continued to perfect my recipes and my presentation for 12 years.  I have an bachelor's degree in Interior Design, although, any real education I have achieved has been through research and development and listening to the needs of family members, friends and neighbors. 


*Most of my products 'begin' with one of my herbal oil infusions.    Creation of 1/2 gallon takes 4 days to complete by simmering herbs in high quality vegetable oils.  The result is a natural  anti-inflammatory,  anti-histamine, topical pain killer in a superior moisturizer.


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