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Cathy Griffith

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Residing in West Hanover Township with her husband, Bob. Cathy Griffith designs and creates jewelry from a variety of materials. 

Cathy’s love of jewelry stems from fond memories of playing with her mother’s extensive jewelry collection as a youngchild.  The more the jewelry sparkled, the more appealing it was for her to try on and model in front of a mirror. 

This lifelong love of jewelry inspired her to begin making unique jewelry pieces for her three sisters and close friends.  The warm reception of her creations along with the encouragement of her daughter, Amy, prompted Cathy to design and create jewelry professionally.

Stoney Valley Jewelry proudly debuted in October 2008, when Cathy and Bob were living in Stoney Creek Valley, Dauphin, PA.   As she designs each piece in her collection, Cathy keeps her motto “Jewelry for All Occasions” in mind. 

Her desire is to provide all jewelry lovers with attractive, quality, and fun creations to enjoy andtreasure.


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