Julie Cramer
Julie Cramer

Julie Cramer

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Julie is Library Assistant at the Newport Public Library and has always been fascinated by animals of all kinds, but especially marine invertebrates. It was while trying to recreate an octopus in scrapbooking paper that she discovered her passion for paper collage, a type of art where the pieces of a subject are cut out of paper and then attached to form the whole subject, resulting in a more or less 2-D picture.

Julie loves tactile materials like scrapbooking papers and embellishments, and often integrates found objects into her work. These bright colored and playful pictures are great for kids, who can also enjoy the experience of commissioning their own art to their specifications.

Julie has done everything from dinosaurs to praying mantises, pangolins to giraffes. Although she makes up pieces ahead of time for the PCCA, she is always excited to do custom work, which challenges her and gives her the opportunity to discover and study new animals in the process.

Julie currently lives in Snyder County with her mom, dad, old man cat, 3 hermit crabs, and way too many turkeys and chickens.



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