Melissa Colucci
Melissa Colucci

Melissa Colucci

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My jewelry journey started with someone asking me where I got the ring I was wearing.

I approached a goldsmith in my hometown and inquired about opening a retail store in another area, which was Camp Hill at that time.

I did a couple of casting in his shop, spent some time with him learning the basics of soldering and then bought my own torch. I spent over a year in my basement melting more metal into unrecognizable globs than I care to remember.

Spring ahead to the present and for 7 years now I have owned and ran my own retail shop and make my own line of jewelry. My current retail location is in Carlisle, Pa.

I was also very fortunate to travel to Portland, Maine and take a very intensive wax carving class with Kate Wolfe and I came back with a wealth of knowledge and yearning to create more with wax.

As an artist I find myself wanting to take my love of creating jewelry to the next level and focus on developing a wholesale business. 

The natural progression of an jewelry artist is to reach more women and men who would love to select a fun, unique and quality piece jewelry every morning that was made by your hands.

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