Ann Chubb
Ann Chubb

Ann Chubb

- Fiber (Crochet)



Crocheted Owl Hat

Taught by my grandmothers, I began crocheting around the age of 12.

As a teenager I was very busy in extra-curricular activities at school so I was content knowing the basics of crochet. I created simple scarves and moved on to simple afghans.

When I reached my early 20’s my desire to learn more about crochet grew.

I purchased a 63-square sampler afghan pattern book and taught myself all these “new to me” stitches while producing an heirloom quality afghan.

I needed to be challenged so I began searching for more advanced patterns. Over the years I have earned many blue ribbons for my submissions in the Perry County Fair.

As my knowledge of crochet and crochet construction grew, so did my ability
to alter patterns to make them more “me friendly” or free-form the item using stitches and techniques I am most comfortable using.

My affiliation with the Perry County Council of the Arts has allowed my crocheted items to reach customers beyond my family and circle of

Spotting total strangers wearing my original hats is fun!

I live in the Borough of Newport with my two children, a boy age 16 and a girl age 11, as well as my six cats who enjoy my yarn almost as
much as I do.

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I am a Professional Member of the Crochet Guild of America, as well as a “Master of Advanced Crochet Stitches and Techniques”.

I work as a Contract Crocheter / Pattern Tester with several top-name crochet designers in the industry.


My contract work has been photographed and published in many books, magazines and websites.