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Ruth Bissot
Artist Statement

I have always been attracted to vintage finds, sparkly trinkets, impressionistic landscapes, and stories of other worlds.  This early love of attic treasures and nature’s jewels as well as a magpie’s attraction to shiny gems has all found their way into a lifetime of creativeness.  But it was not until I discovered the art of beadwork and jewelry making that an obsession was born.  I have now been exploring this creative world of jewelry design and fabrication for many years.

I find inspiration everywhere.  In the colors of a handmade quilt.  The way a Queen Anne’s Lace weed looks among the flowers.  The rusty patina and shape of an old skeleton key.  The patterns of vintage lace and trims.  The way a bird will weave a nest embellished with yarn scraps.  The markings of a butterfly wing or a bird feather.

Through my jewelry work I feel as though my inner artist and poet has been allowed to blossom.  It continues to be a delightful journey.

Bio Statement

Ruth Bissot is a self-taught bead and jewelry artist who specializes in creating timeless designs with a vintage flair.  She uses a variety of techniques, including bead weaving, bead embroidery, assemblage and mixed media collage. Her background in photography and a lifelong interest in fine art has resulted in her unique vision of artistic design. “I love to combine vintage components and use a variety of techniques to create unique jewelry that is both modern and wearable, yet speaks of other worlds and times past.”  She especially delights in mixing colors and components in unique and unexpected ways.
Ruth is a member of the Central Pennsylvania Bead and Jewelry Society and has studied with many well-known local and national instructors.  Her work can be seen at the PCCA gallery in Newport, Pennsylvania,

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